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How to identify the yuan

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Counterfeit money is always different, if everyone want to careful to prevent, to master the real one ability, and identification of so-called change from the Pope. Identify RMB notes the time, usually by "a look, two, three, four touch to measure" method:

A look at
1, see watermarks:
The fifth set of RMB each QuanBie paper money in the QuanBie fixed watermark notes on the left margin, the face positive meet X-ray and can see the stereo sense is very strong watermark. 100 yuan, 50 yuan note for MAO zedong's head of fixed watermark pattern. $10, $20, $5 bills for fixed watermark flowers design.
2, see safety
The fifth set of RMB notes in the face of positive QuanBie left, all have a safety line. 100 yuan, 50 yuan note, the safety meet X-ray, respectively can see in text "RMB100", "RMB50" small words, instrument testing all have magnetic; 20 yuan banknotes, meet X-ray and is a light and shade and safety, 10 yuan, 5 yuan note for holographic safety magnetic drive, namely safety casing safety local paper, the local bare embedded in the paper, open the window part, can see the miniature character "¥10", "¥5" holographic pattern composed of instrument testing, have magnetic.
3, see light become printing ink
The fifth set of RMB 100 yuan coupon and 50 yuan coupon positive value the corner of the digital light ink printing change. Will lean to the vertical observation face certain Angle, 100 yuan coupon amount by the green into blue digital will; 50 yuan coupon amount will be number by golden to green.
4, see is clear, the color design face whether bright-coloured, docking whether can design on the dock The fifth set of RMB notes of the Yin and Yang of printing design used in complementary, 50 yuan and 100 yuan RMB 10 coupons. The third QuanBie positive and back at the bottom are printed with a circular local design. Meet X-ray and two of his design accurate docking, combination into a complete the ancient pattern. 5, with more than five times as much as a magnifying glass observation par, see design line, micrographics is the text clear clean.
The fifth set of RMB notes the QuanBie positive patterns in more than offset printing, all with words, 20 miniature yuan note on the back have the security measures. 100 yuan miniature text for "RMB" and "RMB100"; 50 yuan for "50" and "RMB50"; 20 yuan for "RMB20"; 10 dollars for "RMB10" 5 yuan for "RMB5" and "five," the words.

Two touch:
1, and touched the braille portraits, dot, the people's bank of China in the name whether the concave-convex feeling greatly.

Manual sculpture head
The fifth set of RMB notes the QuanBie observe a positive are wool

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