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The national franchise dealers, supplier meeting a complete success

Number of visits: Date:2011-8-8 17:07

On January 6, 2011, the company held a national franchise dealers, supplier meeting and a complete success. This congress and is in the enterprise to be the transformation and upgrading of the background of the development theme; At the height of the financial industry is open and the prosperous development of the commercial circulation industry and people's living standard to improve financial machines, fitness equipment of good market opportunities and good prospects of the development situation; Is the market competition in the volatile market environment of held. The purpose of this meeting is, in line with: "mutual group advantage, and grasp the market a strategic alliance business opportunities, hand in hand altogether will create win-win, share the infinite rich" concept, through this conference and a series of preferential policy, implement of the dealer sales to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, the goal of the common development!

Xinda company meeting, the general manager PanLian flat entitled & ldquo; The good faith cooperation mutually beneficial win-win future share fortune sharing and ldquo; Speech, distributor, supplier masterpiece spoke; The meeting are praising the excellent franchise dealers and outstanding supplier. The meeting was a grand, warm, effective, during the meeting, the dealer and xinda formed a good partner relationship of consensus, and special discount sales in new policies, the dealers have signed the 2011 sales agreement, reached the win-win purpose.

At the same time, the officials visited xinda company new products and new CIS enterprise visual image, was consistent high praise.

To participate in this conference of the national distributor, supplier of 180 people, the county government leaders of relevant departments, city longgangtian town house leadership and relevant departments of the professor and relevant experts attended the meeting, added luster to the meeting.

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