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Wish all the female worker three. Eight happy women's day

Number of visits: Date:2011-8-8 17:03

It was a sunny spring, march, we are celebrating the 101th & ldquo; 38 & rdquo; The international working women's day. This holiday season, the zhejiang xinda machines Co., LTD. To all on-the-job female worker are our warmest greetings and sincere wishes.

"38" the international working women's day, the countries around the world women's struggle for peace, equality, development of the festival, which reflects the society for women's love, respect and understanding, also bring the women self-confidence, optimism and progressive spirit power. DuoNian to all female worker, in their respective post fully carry forward "love, devotion, self-reliance and self-improvement, spirit, have such a good new greatly the female worker of the team are proud and proud.

A New Year, I hope all the female worker, continue to carry forward the tireless efforts and hard work, and pioneering spirit in the spirit of the development of the new output, and work together to seek out new machine company do bigger and more strong!

Zhejiang xinda machines Co., LTD. On behalf of the entire staff sincerely wish all the female worker health and family happiness, happy holidays!

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